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About Accents Of Beauty 
​Accents of Beauty has a combined years of experience of 18 years working with top photographers, models and designers around the world. The founder of AOB, Alexandra, received her training exclusively with MAC Makeup for seven years, where she quickly made a name for herself and is today, one of the most highly sought after professional makeup artist team. AOB's clients have ranged from celebrities to soccer moms, men and women of various ages and ethnicities. Their versatility is what sets their talent apart and has allowed their portfolio to master services for weddings, high fashion models, special events, birthdays, proms and many more.
Alexandra has gathered and trained a team of talented artists who can make any special event a place where your confidence shines.
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"I am committed to helping my clients achieve their dream look for their special day. I love seeing how happy that makes them." - Alex
Special Thanks
To my mom, dad and Jude the love of my life, thank you for all your love and support. And also, to all the amazingly talented photographers, models and clients who I've had the honor to work with over the past few years. Through your camera lenses I have seen a more humble and beautiful world. Thank you so much for inspiring me and all those around you.